Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1 WirelessMon Pro v4.0

WirelessMon, is an intuitive software that can be used to detect Access Points (AP) on any wireless network within range, and to monitor them. The program provides substantial information regarding each SSID it locates including whether the AP is secure (or not) and its availability for use. A live 'channel usage' chart provides information on the level of traffic for each available channel.

This information will assist network managers by indicating channels that could be used to reduce interference and improve throughput. Users of the Professional Edition will have the additional bonus of being able to generate 'coverage maps' based upon the signal strength of all detected APs. That said, let's get this up and running with the installation guide below. Click all images to expand.

1. Run the setup file, and accept the license agreement as shown.

2. Once the Installation completes, hit Finish, and don't run the program.

3. Next, execute the Keygen, click the Patch button, and browse for the WirelessMon.exe file (located In the default Installation directory, being Program Files).

4. To provide a key for the program, hit the Generate button on the Keygen.

5. Open the program, copy the details from the Keygen Into the program, then click Continue.

6. As you can see, the key has been accepted, and you will now have a fully registered version.

7. Here's what to expect, when viewing the main Interface of the program.

As per usual, full Installation notes are provided In the Read Me file of the download, so you're all ready to go.

Title: WirelessMon Pro v4.0
Keygen : Applied
Archive: ZIP

Downlad :
Keygen | Download via Tusfile

** Tested and compatible with Windows 7, & Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise Editions, x86 and 64 Bit.

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